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FOX Business
Mar 17, 2013 1:00am EDT
about spending cuts. but talk about tax hikings. gary, respond to this right now. we are in a recovery that is not doing very well. you have shown us the historical side of things whampt will that do? >> i don't know how many more arguments the left needs to hear that tax hikings don't work. they keepoing back tomit same well . yet, up go through, brenda, i hate to keep pounding on it, lowering taxing when europe or canada or states do, it is it the way to grow the economy. when we raise taxings the government gets more money and the government takes our money is spend it inefficiently. my the department of the agriculture is a better way to spend our money. the department of defense spends so efficiently. no one can make that argument. >> but gary, if you look at tax hikes, you are saying the historical perspective. the democrats are going back to the 1980ings. raise taxes on certain partings. we did that with social security because five or six people working for every one beneficencary. today two people are working for one. we can't afford it they are pretending our economy ishe sam
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)